Breckenridge News by Sondra Gaunt

Well, one topic is the basketball player who suffered a broken leg at the Brunswick game. Corbin Gaunt was whisked to Marshall, where he underwent surgery the next day and is now recovering at home. Such accidents happen in sports (and that is one reason relatives need to attend games). The really amazing thing was how well both schools handled the incident. Our coach was well prepared with all the paperwork and handling the rest of the
team and an EMT, who was present in the crowd (he had come to see his daughter perform in the pep band), was above and beyond at doing all the right things and even went to Marshall with Corbin. Except for the sheer awfulness of the injury, and the fact that the incident hit Facebook before all the appropriate family members could be contacted, it was really well

And the snows came. We tried to ignore it but here it was. Mark Gaines plowed the town and Ben White came around and did parking lots and various other bits and pieces. Thanks to both of the guys...there were probably others, but those are the ones I saw. And then there was the city grader in the middle of a street when the fuel unexpectedly jelled? gelled?
gel? I don't know. So I looked it up: says "n., v. gelled, gel•ling. n. 1. a semirigid colloidal dispersion of a solid with a liquid or gas, as jelly or glue. Compare sol. 2. gelatin (def. 5). v.i.. 3. to form or become ..." and then I got side tracked by cooking hints and Certo and such, so now I am settling for gelled. Fortunately tinkering and warmer temperatures the next day took care of that problem. Speaking of road graders,
Breckenridge Township seems to be short a grader man. There's a notice in The Gettin Place.

Mally Gardner had an interesting week. She decided to audition for the Chillcothe Fine Arts presentation of Little Red Riding Hood and got the part. Area students auditioned on Monday, rehearsed during the week, and the play had two performances on Saturday. Mally was a member of the wolf pack. All of the performers did a really excellent job!
And a late note…The townspeople were saddened to hear of the loss of Rosemary Morgan.

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