Dear Editor

     Over the years I have recalled statements which my father made in way of direction for my life.  One of these was: “Treat the cause, not the symptom”.  If one would examine the issues which face us today in this country, or in the world, we will find that many efforts are being implemented to solve problems by treating the “symptoms”, rather than the “cause”, of the problem.

     I am very supportive of President Trump’s desire to protect this nation from the infiltration of illegal immigrants.  However, building a wall is an effort to treat the symptom of the problem, not the cause.  The illegal immigrants are not coming here because there is no wall between the USA and the Texas-Mexico border.  They are coming across the border into the USA because of the many “free-bees” that are available to them.  These include such things as free medical care, schooling for the children, low-income housing, welfare payments, etc.  Remove the “free-bees” and many will not cross the border into the USA. 

     Needless to say, some of the illegal immigrants are coming because they desire to destroy this country.  This is why an increased support for our military efforts is needed.

     Another issue, in which the symptom of the problem is being treated rather than the cause, is that of the national debt.  I learned a very basic economic principle years ago.  “When your out-go exceeds your income; it’s your up-keep that becomes your down-fall.”

     This nation has been using the tax-payer’s dollars to finance projects which are not self-sufficient in covering their own cost of construction and operation.  The use of “production tax credits” by the Federal Government to provide the erection and operation of wind turbines across this country is a primary example.  Billions of tax dollars are being spent to supply electrical power to the grid, while the efficient and economical operation of the current electric power sources is being adversely impacted.  This says nothing about the “health hazards” resulting from the wind turbines, which are now becoming well documented by the medical studies from around the world.

     Wind energy projects will very likely result in a significant increase in our personal electric bills.  Yes, there are some benefits to be gained locally; but at a significant cost nationally.  Again, the local benefits can be received through other means, at a much lower cost to the public.  This nation is in need of a return to the basic principles of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.


Cloyce Coffman

Stewartsville, MO

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