It’s More Than Just Spending

Fellow Americans,

As another tax season passed with little notice, I felt compelled to address the elephant in the room.  I am referring to our national debt.  According to, America’s debt is nearly $25 trillion!  That’s over $201 thousand per taxpayer!  Our top three largest budget items are Medicare/Medicaid at $1.2 trillion, Social Security at $1 trillion and Defense at $687 billion.  Here’s the knockout punch: our U.S. tax revenue is $3.5 trillion and U.S. spending is $6.1 trillion!  The government is spending nearly twice as much as it receives!  How can our economy NOT fail, especially when the government is spending tons of money (which it doesn’t have) to bail out individuals, businesses (private and public), and even states!  To get America back on track, I propose the government do the following:

·      Abolish the Federal Reserve. We don’t need its money if the government reforms itself and becomes thrifty.

·      Return to the gold standard.  This will guarantee the value of the dollar and limit the printing of money by the government. 

·      Abolish the Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid programs.  The responsibility of one’s healthcare and retirement belongs to the individual.  If someone works hard and is frugal, he or she will enjoy a good retirement.  If not, he or she won’t.  We should all have to lay in the bed we make for ourselves without using the government to forcibly take from one person to give to another.  That, my friends, is stealing! 

·      Refuse to raise the debt ceiling.

·      Amend the Constitution to add a balanced budget amendment.

·      Adopt the Penny Plan, which requires the government to reduce the budget by one penny for every dollar it spends over a five-year period.

Of course, this is not likely to happen because too many of us want freebies from a benevolent, Robin Hood-like government.  Things will change only when we are ready to be responsible for ourselves, just like in 1775!  It is wrong to burden future generations with our debt.  Please check out the debt clock for yourself and see just how bad it really is. While you are there, click on the “State” tab on the upper left side of the webpage and see how your state is doing.  Please continue to pray for our country and our leaders.  May God bless you and the United States of America!

Dan Landi

Kidder, MO

The Caldwell County News

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