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Fellow Americans,

It is hard to know what to believe because of all the “fake news” and disinformation campaigns designed to hide the truth.  That’s why I want to introduce you to some of my friends.  Although I have never met them, I trust their judgment because of their real-world experience in government, law enforcement, and politics.  Most of all, they make good old-fashioned common sense!    

Rush Limbaugh:  This Missouri native is the most well-known political commentator today. His career spans over 30 years and includes both television and radio. His vast political knowledge, worldly common sense, and witty, sarcastic sense of humor make him entertaining as well as informative. His 3-hour radio program airs every weekday at 11 am on AM 980 KMBZ in Kansas City. It is also aired at 1 pm on AM 680 KFEQ in Saint Joseph.

Sean Hannity:  This Fox News giant has been a political commentator for over 20 years. He has his own cable news show on FOX as well as a 3-hour daily radio show, which follows The Rush Limbaugh Show on KMBZ. Hannity’s guests are usually investigative reporters, political insiders, and whistle-blowers who tell it like it is.

Ben Shapiro:  The youngest of all my friends, he attracts a younger audience because of his plain and direct talk. He uses facts and common sense to educate and provoke individual thought. He is also a public speaker and goes to colleges to educate and debate young minds. The Ben Shapiro Show can be heard weekdays from 4-6 pm on AM 710 KCMO in Kansas City.

Mark Levin:  Clearly, the most political of all my friends. He is a lawyer and worked as an advisor to former president Ronald Regan. He held several other federal positions in the Regan administration. Afterward, he practiced constitutional law in the private sector and founded Levin TV, a subscription-based television show where he discusses history and politics. He also has a 3-hour daily radio program which airs on KMBZ at 6 pm.    

Others who deserve to be mentioned are Dan Bongino, Michael Cutler, Glenn Beck, Jesse Lee Peterson, and Michael Savage. Everyone mentioned in this article has his own website and can be heard anytime on YouTube. Thank God and our founders for the 1st Amendment! We owe it to our posterity to do everything in our power to save our country. Learning the truth is the starting point. May God bless you and the United States of America!

Dan Landi

Kidder, MO

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