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Fellow Americans,

In a few weeks we will have the duty and privilege of voting in one of the most significant mid-term elections in U.S. history.  Since the direction of our nation will be decided by this vote, now is the time to pick your side.

On the left are the Democrats.  According to their website, www.democrats.org, they are for raising wages, healthcare for all, immigration reform, criminal justice reform, gun reform, investing in education, and minority rights.  On the surface this sounds great, but a closer inspection of their policies and history prove otherwise.  For example, they believe in government control of the free enterprise system by a mandatory minimum wage, commonly called a “living wage.”  They want the government to completely control the entire health care system, which will make costs skyrocket and bankrupt America (Obamacare is a prime example).  The Democrats also want immigration reform, which means they want to eliminate all immigration laws and open our borders to everyone.  Their idea of criminal justice reform is to incarcerate only white men because there are too many minorities currently locked up.  The Democrats’ idea of gun reform involves gross infringements on the 2nd Amendment.  Their plan for investing in education involves a complete government takeover of public education and free tuition for all.  Their idea of guaranteeing rights for minorities encourages immigrants to enter America illegally, to collect welfare, and to vote!  Do you see the common denominator here?  The Democrats are all about government control, which is counter to the Constitution and our founding principles.  These are only a few of the ideas they have for America.  Go to their website and see their entire plan to give everything to everyone for free!         

On the right are the Republicans.  According to their website, www.gop.com, they basically oppose everything the Democrats stand for.  The Republicans, or at least the conservative arm of the party, believe in a smaller, fiscally responsible federal government, centered on the Constitution, individual liberty, and the rule of law.

Now is the time to choose our destination.  Will we go the way of the Democrats, who want to fundamentally transform America?  Or, will we choose Constitutional-minded Republicans to lead us?  Please do your own homework on both parties and decide for yourself.  Most of all, VOTE!  May God bless you and the United States of America!

Dan Landi,

Kidder, MO

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