Chart A produced by Daniel Hirsch, corrected to represent cumulative, whole body exposure.  When the chart is corrected to reflect the same units of measurement, it appears that smart meters are at least 100x more powerful than cell phones, which are increasingly being linked with brain tumors.Chart B summarizes the risk rankings of electricity meters, based on a detailed analysis in a longer companion document. “5” is the highest risk. Blank is the lowest risk. Capital letters mark meters with similar, but not necessarily identical, risk rankings. The priorities among the three types of risk addressed are Health, Privacy and Cyber Security.

Who's pulling the strings?

Smart Meters: How important is your health

If one person’s health is compromised for the sake of smart meter technology, it is one too many.

More and more experts are saying that smart meters are unsafe. The FCC standard for rf radiation is currently under review. It caters to industry, allowing 500 times the rf exposures compared to more protective countries. The FCC also did not take into account a mesh network or all frequencies now used involving a forced chronic exposure with the presence of pulsed rf radiation.

At the end of this article, there are a number of websites that are linked to scientific studies that warn about the effects of radio frequency radiation. A lot of these studies involve the use of cell phones, which is alarming, because if you look at the relation of rf exposure from a cell phone vs. a smart meter, you will find that the radiation from a cell phone is minuscule to the exposure you will receive from a smart meter. (Chart A) The worst case scenario is for residents who have their smart meter installed across the wall from their bedroom, due to the proximity of the meter and the fact that you will spend approximately eight hours at a high level of radio frequency radiation. A lot of water meters are also installed in the basement of many homes. Most people aren’t even aware of what a smart meter looks like, and if they were to have negative health issues, they assume it is caused by some other factor.

Some of the symptoms of electromagnetic frequency radiation (EMF) are as follows:

Constant headaches (pressure encompassing your head), insomnia (difficulty getting a good uninterrupted night’s sleep), lethargy and concentration difficulties, problems staying focused, sharp pains into your head or occasionally in your intestinal region, joint pain, particularly in the elbow, fingers and sometimes the knees, irritability and feelings of anxiousness, heart beat irregularities, body aches and pains, ringing of the ears (tinnitus), chronic fatigue syndrome, worsening of symptoms from multiple sclerosis or ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease), eye (floaters) and ear problems.

Is the AMR meter any safer than a smart meter? Well, it’s the next step down. (Chart B) The AMR meter, sometimes called “ERT” transmits data using a one-way radio frequency. The radio signal is picked up by a “collector” inside a meter reader’s vehicle. Smart meters enable two-way communication between the meter and the central system. For an example, water meter readings from all the homes in Hamilton would be transmitted to communications tower on top of the city’s water tower and then be transmitted to city hall. A traditional Analog Meter poses the lowest risk in all three categories of risk. This meter is also called: Traditional Analog Mechanical Meter, Traditional Analog Electromechanical Meter; Traditional Analog Mechanical Meter with No Wireless Communications Capability; Traditional Analog Mechanical Meter with No Electronic Circuitry.

The whole issue here is that digital meters, whether or not “smart”, cause dirty electricity to flow through your home’s wiring. The problem is what is called the “switched mode power supply.” Switched mode power supplies are used to run the digital meter (whether a smart meter or a radio-off opt-out smart meter) In order for a smart meter to be powered, the 240 volts coming off the power line to the meter must be stepped down to 4-10 volts. A switched mode power supply is the device used to step down the voltage from 240 volts to 4-10 volts. This generates an enormous amount of what is commonly known as “dirty electricity” and referred to electricians and electrical engineers as “voltage transients,” “voltage harmonics,” “line noise,” and “power quality issues.”

Steve Weller, a victim of Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS), summed it up very well with his statement, “It is obvious in my eyes that there is no desire to uncover the truth because of the legal implications to governments and the industry around the world. It seems that we who are EHS are collateral damage in the name of progress.”

If you care about the harming effects of smart meters, find out how your city aldermen and those currently running for those positions in the April election stand on this very important issue and vote accordingly.

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