Letter to the Editor:

While reading the report of the Board of Aldermen meeting I found it disturbing information about how the City of Kidder is run. First there is the issue with the non-existing 4th street, where it is clear on the maps that the street may or may not have gone all the way through to Highway TT, it has not been an open accessible street for more then 40 years. Yet because someone in the city that has issues with the city counsel has demanded the street be opened and put into use because he “Might,” lease some land

next to TT, and if he does, then the other parcels of land “May” become land locked. For more then 40 years the street has not been used but now the Board is being made to react because someone who really has nothing to do with the land in question “Might,” at sometime lease some land? Tell you what, go ahead and lease away, then if the “Owner,” is having issues he can address the board.
That said, there are some serious issues that are facing Kidder that it seems are being glossed over or spoken of in such a way the Board does not bring too much attention to what they are doing. For example, the cost of a shut off value being put in on Elm street. One has to wonder, is the shut off is being put in at the city's expense to shut off the sewer to someone's house for nonpayment of their sewer bill as they have done in the past. The biggest concerns should not be with the cost, nearly a thousand dollars for every waste cut off added to each resident that is past due on their payment of their sewage payment,  but what happens to their raw sewage once it is cut off. Since the Alderman board refuses to work with the water department on the issue of water and waste, the waste bill you receive each month is not only one to two months in the past but also based on how much water a residence consumed years ago. At best the bill you receive is a “Guess,” by the city and in no way reflects how much actual waste is produced. Worse yet, those that refuse to pay for water and are allowed by the city to simply depose of their waste anyway they desire, including just letting it run out into some ditch in their back yard to share with everyone.
Alderman McEwen it seems is concerned with “Value,” as it refers to Code Enforcement. I am concerned too with “Value,” but as it concerns our Aldermen and women. As I am writing this, we are getting our first freezing rain and snow of the season, the roads are covered with ice and it seems the City Aldermen have done “NOTHING,” to insure the city is ready to deal with the harsh weather. Where pray tell is the value in that?

G. Robert Bauer II


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