Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I have to respond to Bonnie Coffman’s letter to the editor regarding masks in the last edition; I agree with everything she said.

I have been a registered nurse for 44 years, 40 of that in ICU and ER. I was a nurse at the first of the AIDES epidemic when we didn’t routinely use gloves (because we didn’t have them—only the sterile ones for the most part). I worked in ICU with horrendous infectious diseases, and never knew what was coming through the door of our ER.

Now, we are told to wear masks (and if you want to read about the effectiveness of any of these, look at OSHA, CDC, etc) research yourself. If you think you are protected, you are sadly mistaken.

I am a nurse. I don’t wear a mask out or anywhere I go. I have recently been tested for covid (a waste of a test if you ask me, no symptoms, it was simply required for my job) and I was not surprisingly, negative. So why should I, as a healthy individual, be required to wear a mask? That is for the sick.

The media is promoting fear porn. I am not saying there isn’t a virus, I’m saying, for the most part, it is no worse than the flu, and if we didn’t have this media and state government intervention into the use of hydroxychloroquin (which has been used for 70 years) it would be a nothing burger.

I wash my hands, don’t care much about social distancing, eat healthy, take supplements such as vitamins D, C and zinc, and get my immune system bolstered up and ready to take on anything. I was rarely sick while I was working the ER, I think because of everything I was exposed to.

The medical community knew in 2006 that hydroxychloroquin was effective against another strain of covid then, so it was a no brainer that it probably would be now, but big pharma has a new, more expensive drug out to treat this at $3,000 a whack. Not much money to be made on a 70 year old drug that works well at the first onset of symptoms. By the way, 2 pills a week are enough prophylaxis to keep you from getting it. So, why is the media keeping this quiet?

Kim Hopkins BSN, RN

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