Letter to the Editor:

At the Kidder Aldermen Board Meeting on 13 April 2017 the City Alderman reached a NEW LEVEL of INCOMPETENCE. After MONTHS of complaining and demanding that something be done about her truck driving neighbor, Alderwoman Chris Bratcher got exactly what she wanted by banning all semi tractors and trailers from parking on the streets of Kidder. I saw she got exactly what SHE wanted because SHE demanded it, argued for it and when presented with the side beside choice of EITHER allowing truck parking on a designated street or banning them from parking completely Alderwoman Bratcher HERSELF, that’s right she personally made the motion to pass the ordinance banning parking in Kidder. This was in January this year, yet City Alderwoman Bratcher was shocked to find out that semis cannot be parked on the street designate for parking.

Really Alderwoman? You don't remember what you personally wanted done what you personally made a motion to have passed and you voted for! Then you are SHOCKED at and SURPRISED that such and ordinance exists to the point you quickly agreed that the ordnance should be revised?  If that is not incompetence what is!

That to me is right up there in my mind with hiring a city employee to do maintenance on the city roads but CAN'T drive the dump truck and does not know how to operate the road grader, worse cannot not tell the difference between a street and a parking lot, and does hundreds of dollars worth of damage to the fire department parking lot which they just got redo along with their remodel. Then to top it off the incompetent operator parks the road grader the city just paid thousands to get repaired, OUTSIDE the building the city spent thousands to have built to store the road grader in. When the city council was asked why it is sitting outside the best guess, by the city council was, “We are not sure he can park it inside.” Alderman Ray Garton street maintenance is your area of responsibility, take responsibility and get rid of the UNQUALIFIED INCOMPETENT maintenance guy it would cost the city thousands less to do nothing then to have him “Learn,” on the job!

It is time our elected and NON-elected officials start being held to a hire standard, if you cannot competently do the job, step down. If the employees the people that are hired by the city aldermen cannot, or will not do the job, get rid of them. As Aldermen/women you were elect to represent the people of the city not to go after the people you don't like. It is time for you to STOP using the position you hold for your own personal gain or for payback on a neighbor you don't like. Grow up do your job or get out!

G. Robert Bauer II


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