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Dehns regained health through self-education

by Cindy Fickess

In 2008, Fred Dehn was diagnosed with stage 3 prostate cancer. He had to use a walker to get around, had arthritis, couldn’t climb stairs, had back problems that would come and go, among many other health issues. Iva Dehn said, “At one point I watched him roll out of bed on his knees and try and pull himself up off the floor and it was killing him.” Dehn said when he got his cancer packet in 2008, 1,400,000 folks got their packet that same year, explaining to them what their future would be. In the year 2008 it was predicted, and it came true, that 540,000 people would die of cancer, one a minute. Now, on the American Cancer Society website, they are predicting 1,658,000 people are going to be diagnosed with cancer this year and that 589,000 will be lost to this horrible condition. At the top of the website there is a button to click on to donate, as their funds are running low. What have they done? What are they improving? Fifty years ago, 1 in 40 were diagnosed with cancer. Today, if you are a man, it’s going to be 1 in 2, and if you are a woman, 1 in 3. Dehn said donations make no sense to him when the cure has already been here since the beginning of mankind. “it’s inside of you,” said Dehn, “It’s called your immune system.” “How can you find a cure for something that doesn’t exist?”

Dehn contributes his return to health to self-education and the 182 books he has read written by doctors and scientists. Dehn said, “When you read something in one book, you think well maybe it’s true and maybe it’s not, but when you read the same thing in 50 books written by different doctors, you have to start thinking, maybe there’s something to that.” One of the things that Dehn has learned is that your body pH is a main regulating factor in good health. If you eat a poor meal, your body pH will go down, if you eat a good meal your body pH will go up. He said your body sets up an environment that allows things to get out of control. “I found out if our tissue pH is up closer to neutral or alkali, we have a very hard time getting sick.” Body pH is very important. Farmers know that if the pH in their soil is not correct, the crop they plant will not reach its full potential. Dehn said in 2008 when his cancer was out of control, his body pH was 5.5. They learned to look at the alkalinity in the foods they ate. The Dehns learned that all meats on the pH scale range from 2.5 to 4.5 and are a major part of cancer growth. Dehn said, “You have to limit it or eliminate it.”

The Dehns had been reading about processed foods and that at one point, Iva said, “I went out to the shelves and took a trash sack and I took all the processed foods off and threw them down into the trash sack.” “I had just gotten through buying meat at a meat sale and had it in the freezer and I threw all the meat away.” “I threw it away, I just opened up the freezer and just tossed absolutely everything.” She said it was kind of funny, she went back in and told Fred it was all gone now, and he said, “OK, it’s close to noon, what do we eat?” Since then, the Dehns have learned about the power of vegetables and more about the foods they eat. Their research found that there was no one thing that would cure cancer. It boils down to a central core, Dehn said. The central core is three pieces of a puzzle, 1) you have to drink the best water you can, 2) you have to eat healthy alkaline foods, and 3) you have to detoxify, you “have to take out the trash.” Drink better water, eat better foods, and take out the trash, and you will get healthier.

Dehn said he was asked in a previous interview to sum up what our health conditions were in our country. After considering the question, Dehn answered, “I don’t think we have a health care system in our country, I think we have a sick management system.” He feels sorry for the people who are getting drained by the medical system, and “they don’t even have enough money when this is over to buy a bottle of vitamins to start their health back to recovery.” Dehn said according to the United Nations life expectancy chart measuring 189 countries, he was shocked to learn that the U.S. ranked 38 on the top 40 list, even with our best doctors, best hospitals, best pharmaceuticals, our best of everything.

Iva said that cancer is a naturally occurring thing within us. Fred Dehn went on to explain that you can’t have life without cancer, because cancer protects that single cell within a woman’s womb that is the beginning of our DNA. That cell has to be protected so it can divide, otherwise it would be rejected by the mother, because half of that cell is from the father, and is foreign to her body. The trophoblast cell, another word for cancer, is a cell that the mother’s immune system can’t destroy because of the protein ring that surrounds it. Amazingly, after approximately 12 weeks the cancer goes away. That is when the baby’s pancreas starts working. And when its pancreas starts working in 12 weeks, it starts spitting out two enzymes in the duodenum that get into its bloodstream. These enzymes will find the trophoblast cells and eat them like candy. Dehn said that to this day, those two enzymes produced by our pancreas are looking for the protein rings around cancer cells that our immune system can’t see. They will devour that protein ring, and our immune system will then take over.

Dehn said “I’m so lucky, so lucky that I got a cancer diagnosis, but I’m even luckier that that radiation machine broke down and I started getting some education on how to get my health back.” Dehn said “I just can’t get over how glorious this trip has been for me; to be able to not have aches and pains and walk and close my hands and do things I want to do.” “It may not extend my life one day, but I bet I can enjoy the days I have left.”

Dehn said he loves giving his talks and they have helped many in the past few years. He said, some people will try to change things and get healthier and some will do what their doctors say until their dying day. He said “For the folks who want to get their health back, it’s going to have to be through education, not medication.” The information Fred and Iva will talk about came from our many hours of study. The books they read were written by doctors and specialists in their fields. None of the information is of their own creation and they encourage others to do the same research and decide what is best for themselves. Iva and Fred Dehn will be giving a 4-part series of talks free to the public at the Polo American Legion Hall in Polo (see ad in this week’s paper), starting Oct. 12 through Nov. 23. Subjects covered will include cancer, diabetes 2 and 3, heart conditions, acid reflux and much more. Hear Fred’s inspiring story in his own words on how to optimize your immune system and enjoy a better quality of life.

The information contained in this article is from an interview this reporter had with Fred and Iva Dehm. It in no way reflects the ideas or opinions of The Caldwell County News or any of its employees. This article is not intended to provide medical advice. The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional diagnosis or treatment. The author and publishers of this newspaper are not responsible for any adverse effects that may occur from the application of the information in this article. You are encouraged to make your own health care decisions, based on your own research, and in partnership with a qualified health care professional.

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