Capitalism Stinks

Fellow Americans,

“A better and peaceful world is possiblea world where people and nature come before profits. That’s socialism. That’s our vision. We are the Communist Party USA”. Yes, capitalism stinks, according to the Communist Party USA. I know because I visited their website,, and my, was I impressed!

According to their website, they support:

  • Planned Parenthood’s butchering innocent, unborn babies and selling their body parts

  • King Obama’s “Iranian Nuke Deal”, which lifts sanctions, gives Iran 100 million of OUR dollars, and expedites their nuclear ambitions (which are TOTALLY innocent, of course)

  • Free community college for everyone (legal, illegal, literate, illiterate)

  • Overtime pay for everyone (because the federal government owes it to us)

  • Home loans to people who knowingly can’t afford them (after all, we deserve them and the banks have too much money anyway)

  • An expansion of unemployment benefits (because enough is never enough)

Of course, they are reasonable and principled people who oppose:

  • Illegal immigration enforcement (I mean undocumented worker enforcement)

  • Voter ID legislation (because this is America and everyone should be allowed to vote whenever and wherever they choose)

  • Cuts to Social Security and Medicare (it has nothing to do with wanting to grow government and perpetuate dependency)

  • Gun violence in America (all guns are bad because they kill people)

  • Violence against women (I didn’t know they were under attack)

  • The Keystone XL pipeline (because oil is evil and we don’t need the jobs anyway)

You see, socialists wrongly believe wealthy people got rich at the expense of the poor. They support the Robin Hood approach, where the government controls the transfer (redistribution) of wealth to ensure everyone gets “their fair share.” Sadly, to pay for all the “freebies”, government must grow in wealth and size. Our taxes will increase and we will lose our property (eminent domain).

Our founders knew that capitalism promoted individual liberty by offering everyone the opportunity to own property and improve their situation in life. That is why they included the phrase “the pursuit of happiness” in the Constitution. Our founders also knew that if the government is big enough to give you everything, then it is big enough to take it away!

Please, do your own homework and then teach others. May God bless you and the United States of America!

Dan Landi

Kidder, MO

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