I’d like to point out a few things to our frequent letter writer, Mr. Landi—in particular, in response to his letter in the August 28th edition.

Clearly, our Kidder friend buys into nothing but the extreme right-wing views that pour out to support our President.  Trump loves nothing more than firing up his base with diversion tactics (go after Hillary and Obama), blustering and denials.  I can understand why Trump is frustrated by the drawn-out Mueller investigation.  But if he has done nothing wrong and was never “in collusion” with the Russians, then why not just ride this out?  The more he complains and points fingers, the guiltier he looks.

What became even more apparent over the holiday weekend are the differences between Trump and the recently deceased American hero, John McCain.  I don’t think we’ll ever forget how cruel Trump was, as a candidate for President, in his opinion of McCain.  He said McCain was NOT a hero; he got caught.  Trump preferred soldiers who didn’t get caught.  This—from a bone spur draft evader who didn’t even have the courage to join the National Guard or Coast Guard.  Yes, McCain got shot down, captured, beaten and imprisoned for five and a half years!  He could have gotten early release due to his Admiral father’s influence—but he stayed with his fellow prisoners of war instead.  And then he returned to the States to serve the rest of his life in service to his country.  The accolades spoken at McCain’s funeral services summed him up in the most complimentary way: he was a man of honor, decency, bravery and true patriotism, always working during his senate years in a bi-partisan way to get things done.

Trump, on the other hand, is clearly narcissistic and mean spirited.  He likes to use ugly language in his insults, makes fun of people (the handicapped reporter), denigrates women (that bus interview!) and basically resorts to bullying to get his way.  Our President he has shown no ability to use diplomacy or tact when dealing with allies or foes, and he seems to prefer the leaders of Russia and North Korea, ready to overlook their tyrannical ways of ruling.  Who else hates the press and in fact, has limited any free press?  That’s right, Russia and North Korea.  Even his close friends who were appointed important positions—and his lawyers—are ready to leave when they realize they’ve been had.

I do believe our President has achieved some good in his first year and half.  Financially, things are very good and especially for him. But if everything’s on the up and up in his business dealings, why is he the only President in recent decades who has not revealed his tax returns?  Trump and his supporters need to stop blaming the past administration and start focusing on how to improve the current one.

M.D. Graham


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