Spying and Lying

Fellow Americans,

In the September 11, 2018 edition of the Caldwell County News, I read an interesting article by M. D. Graham, in which he stated President Trump should stop blaming the past administration and start focusing on his own.  Ordinarily I would agree, but this is not an ordinary situation.  For over two years, Barack Obama’s FBI, CIA, DIA and others have been illegally spying and lying in an effort to bring President Trump down.  I thank Mr. Graham for speaking his mind, although we see things from different viewpoints.  Also, a big thanks to any newspaper company which prints our articles!

Mr. Graham referred to Trump supporters as being “extreme right-wing.”  Mr. Graham criticized President Trump for complaining about Mueller’s investigation, suggesting the president hold his tongue and “ride this out” in a diplomatic fashion.  If you were being verbally attacked, spied on, lied about, sabotaged, and undermined at every turn, would you just roll over without fighting back?  President Trump was duly elected as our president because he is a fighter, unafraid of saying what’s on his mind.  We knew he was not an altar boy when we voted for him.  He was undoubtedly the best choice for the country, which had been devastated by two terms of Barack Hussein Obama!  If wanting America to succeed and individual liberty to flourish are extreme right-wing views, then I’m a right-winger!

Mr. Graham also bashed President Trump for being critical of former Senator John McCain.  We all know and appreciate McCain’s military service, especially his bravery and dedication as a POW.  But there is another side of McCain that is not as honorable.  McCain was a career politician who got rich in Washington like they all do.  He was an obstructionist to his own party and especially to President Trump.  McCain was involved in spreading lies about Trump and propagating the false report which was used to spy on the president!  Is that honorable?  How does that help the country?

We all have faults and we are all sinners.  To the president’s credit, America is stronger, even as the Democrat Party, Obama holdovers, and the media actively sabotage him.  Now there’s “collusion” for you!  Please pray for our country and its leaders.  Most of all, VOTE!  May God bless you and the United States of America!

Dan Landi

Kidder, MO

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