Stacking the Deck

Fellow Americans,

As we get closer to November 3, 2020, President Trump’s enemies are busy stacking the deck against him.  On one hand, the mainstream media ignore the pro-Trump rallies that are occurring all across the country.  These are peaceful rallies attended by patriotic Americans who support the president and the Constitution.  None of these rallies involve rioting or lawlessness, unlike the “peaceful protests” that have been allowed to continue for the last four months in many Democrat-run cities!  On the other hand, the media relentlessly slander President Trump.  Their lies range from Russia collusion to Trump calling dead American soldiers “losers and suckers.”  Meanwhile, Joe Biden gets a complete pass.

Working behind the scenes, Democrat-friendly groups like the National Redistricting Foundation are busy filing lawsuits to change mail-in voting rules in many states across the country.  Some of the changes include extending the deadline for the ballots to be returned and eliminating signature comparisons on the ballots.  Another goal of this group is to create a new redistricting system which will obviously favor the Democrat party for years to come.  Eric Holder, Obama’s former Attorney General, is the public head of this outfit.  That means Barack Hussein Obama is nearby.

Another trick the Democrats have up their sleeve involve the courts, which they have spent years packing with activist judges.  Speaking at a fundraiser a few months ago, “Hidin” Joe Biden said he had 600 lawyers ready to challenge the results of the election if he should lose, yet he wants President Trump to quietly step aside should Trump lose!  That would explain why “Hideous” Hillary Clinton and “Nauseating” Nancy Pelosi have publicly told Biden not to concede the election if he should lose!  Their plan is to overwhelm post offices and polling places with mail-in ballots.  With the new deadlines in place, ballots would continue to pour in weeks after the election.  Then the lawyers would get involved to challenge the validity of the ballots that get rejected.  All the while the Democrats will continue to use the threat of violence (riots) to pressure voters to elect Biden.  And they accuse President Trump of trying to steal the election? 

It is not too late to save our country.  Go to,, and to learn the truth.  Then vote for the candidate who best supports and defends the Constitution.  May God bless you and the United States of America!

Dan Landi

Kidder, MO

The Caldwell County News

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