Turn The Tables

Fellow Americans, 

For the past two years, President Donald Trump has been under criminal investigation by the FBI and other federal law enforcement / intelligence agencies for the crime of winning the 2016 presidential election.  Although his win was constitutional, it was unacceptable by the Democrat Party.  Hillary Clinton was supposed to be our president.  It was her turn.  In her mind, she deserved it because she was the most cheated-on woman in America!  She stood by her man and defended his multiple indiscretions, thus earning the right to carry on the Clinton legacy!  

In 2008, a young, charismatic nobody named Barack Hussein Obama came out of nowhere and stole the presidency away from her.  After Obama’s eight year reign of terror, Hillary saw another opportunity, and this time she would not be denied.  She was so desperate to be president that she and her cohorts rigged the 2016 primary election and stole the opportunity away from crusty Bernie Sanders.  That’s like stealing flies from a blind spider!  As the Democrat Party’s presidential candidate, Hillary assumed she was a shoe-in.  THANK GOD AMERICA WAS AWAKE ON ELECTION DAY!  

With Hillary’s shocking defeat came the realization that she and her minions must hide their illegal activities, such as transmitting classified government information on a private email server, destroying evidence, lying to Congress, and obstructing investigations just to name a few!  To ensure their crimes would not be discovered, Hillary and the mainstream media tried to get President Trump to resign by falsely accusing him of wrongdoing.  Since he refused, they have chosen to go after his family and close friends in hopes of having him impeached.  Sadly, the Clinton Crime Syndicate will never quit until President Trump is gone because they couldn’t care less about justice, the rule of law, or the will of the American people!

Hillary and her henchmen are freedom’s enemies.  They are tyrants who believe the end justifies the means.  It is the time for President Trump to turn the tables and go on offense.  It is time for a full and thorough criminal investigation into Hillary and her accomplices.  Their corruption and collusion needs to be exposed and eliminated.  Most of all, it is time for accountability!  Please pray for our country and our leaders.  May God bless you and the United States of America!

Dan Landi

Kidder, MO

The Caldwell County News

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