Hamilton and Polo Compete in Crossroad Relays

The Hamilton Hornets (H) and the Polo Panthers (P) competed against six other teams in the Crossroad Relays at Cameron on April 11th. Penney High placed second in both the men and the women competition while Polo's men placed 6th and the Lady Panthers 5th. Lathrop claimed the top prize for both the men and the women. Following are the names and placings for the Hamilton and Polo student/athletes.

Men: 100m dash-8th (H) Ed Black, 12.43; Tied for 9th (H) Derek Aikin and (H) Justin Knudsen; 11th

                               (P) Dylan Sales; 16th (P) Trysten Wolf.           

           200m dash-1st (H) Derek Dixon, 24.08; 4th (H) Landon Huff, 25.24; 8th (H) Ed Black, 26.08;

                                14th (P) Trysten Wolf.

           400m dash-1st (H) Derek Dixon, 52.45; 4th (H) Jaran Richman, 55.99; 6th (H) Landon Huff,

                                57.46; 13th (P) Dylan Frazier.

           800m run-2nd (P) Patrick Covey, 2:09.24; 6th (H) Michael Roberts, 2:18.74; 7th (H) Christian

                              Dixon, 2:21.08; 9th (H) Decker Raymond; 15th (P) Buck Cline.

           1600m run-4th (H) Crayton Crawford, 5:15.42; 5th (P) Nick Myers, 5:17.86; 10th (H) Decker

                                Raymond; 12th (H) Cameron Crawford.

           3200m run-4th (H) Zach Boyle, 11:54.71; 6th (H) Payton Logston, 12:19.23; 10th (H) Cody


           110m hurdles-4th (H) Dawson Cook, 19.74.

           300m hurdles-1st (H) Brock Swindler, 41.49; 5th (P) Dylan Sales, 47.906th (P) Nick Myers,

                                    48.93; 8th (H) Dawson Cook, 52.74.

           4 x 100m relay-4th (H) Ed Black, Derek Aikin, Justin Knudsen, Landon Huff, 48.43; 6th (P)

                                     Trysten Wolf, Nick Scott, Dylan Frazier, Zach Phillips, 53.40.

           4 x 200m relay-4th (H) Ed Black, Derek Aikin, Justin Knudsen, Landon Huff, 1:42.24; 5th (P)

                                     Dylan Sales, Nick Scott, Trysten Wolf, Wyatt Segar, 1:48.36.

           4 x 400m relay-1st (H) Jaran Richman, Andy Ernat, Brock Swindler, Derek Dixon, 3:33.87;

                                     5th (P) Dylan Sales, Nick Myers, Wyatt Segar, Patrick Covey, 3:53.08.

           4 x 800m relay-1st (H) Crayton Crawford, Jaran Richman, Andy Ernat, Derek Dixon, 8:54.84;

                                     4th (P) Wyatt Segar, Jaxon Umbaugh, Nick Myers, Patrick Covey, 9:44.27.

           Long jump-1st (H) Brock Swindler, 21'-8"; 6th (P) Patrick Covey, 17'-0"; 8th (H) Justin 

                              Knudsen, 16'-2.5"; 13th (H) Connor Kavanaugh; 17th, (P) Buck Cline.

           Triple jump-1st (H) Brock Swindler, 42'-6'; 5th (P) Wyatt Segar, 36'-1"; 10th (H) Connor

                               Kavanaugh; 12th (H) Dawson Cook.

           Shot put-1st (H) Noah Daul, 40'-0"; 5th (P) Zach Phillips, 35'-11"; 9th (H) Braxsten Cook;

                           13th (H) Tyler Trosper; 19th (P) Jarod Ball.

           Discus throw-5th (H) Josh Hart, 101'-2"; 10th (H) Noah Daul; 11th (H) Tyler Trosper; 18th

                                  (P) Nicholas Scott; 19th (P) Jarod Ball.

           Javelin throw-5th (H) Noah Daul, 101'-8"; 6th (H) Josh Hart, 94'-4"; 8th (P) Nicholas Scott,

                                   93'-0"; 11th (P) Jarod Ball; 15th (P) Buck Cline.

Women: 100m dash-6th (H) Jaide Herrera, 14.11; 9th (H) Alexis Potts; 11th (H) Veronica Black.

                 200m dash-6th (H) Alexis Potts, 30.39; 9th (H) Tegan Bruce; 12th (P) Maddy Baughman;

                                     13th (H) Gwen Ragle.

                 400m dash-2nd (H) Laney Park, 1:05.14; 3rd (P) Kelly Baldon, 1:07.52; 8th (H) Nora Ford,

                                     1:11.37; 17th (H) Gwen Ragle.

                 800m run-2nd (H) Alexys Marshall, 2:51.43; 3rd (P) Taylor Wagner, 2:52.68; 5th (H) 

                                  Caitlin Hoak, 2:57.65; 6th (H) Katherine Hensley, 3:08.46; 7th (P) Mariah

                                  Clevenger, 3:11.81.

                1600m run-1st (H) Nora Ford, 6:02.92; 5th (H) Laney Park, 6:26.92; 10th (H) Hannah

                                    Stith; 11th (P) Catherine Patrick.

                3200m run-2nd (H) Jacey Cook, 14:08.55; 3rd (P) Emma Howard, 14:31.34; 4th (H)

                                    Alexys Marshall, 14:48.93; 6th (H) Katherine Hensley, 15:48.05.

                100m hurdles-2nd (H) Jacey Cook, 16.84; 7th (P) Maddy Baughman, 20.87.

                300m hurdles-4th (H) Hailyn Park, 56.11; 5th (H) Caitlin Hoak, 56.58; 6th (P) Brittany

                                        Sperry, 58.96.

                4 x 100m relay-4th (H) Bayley Pickering, Jaide Herrera, Alexis Potts, Graycen Prothero,

                                          58.40; 6th (P) Maddy Baughman, Emma Howard, Brittany Sperry, Zoe

                                          Gaida, 1:01.24.

               4 x 200m relay-2nd (H) Jaide Herrera, Alexis Potts, Tegan Bruce, Graycen Prothero,

                                         2:03.84; 3rd (P) Maddy Baughman, Kelly Baldon, Brittany Sperry,

                                         Taylor Wagner, 2:05.37.

               4 x 400m relay-1st (H) Hannah Graham, Tegan Bruce, Laney Park, Nora Ford, 4:31.08; 5th

                                         (P) Brittany Sperry, Taylor Wagner, Zoe Gaida, Kelly Baldon, 4:55.14.

               4 x 800m relay-1st (H) Hannah Graham, Laney Park, Hailyn Park, Nora Ford, 11:21.11; 2nd

                                         (P) Emma Howard, Kelly Baldon, Mariah Clevenger, Taylor Wagner, 11:39.27.

               High jump-1st (H) Hailyn Park, 4'-4"; 5th (H) Jacey Cook, 4'-2".

               Long jump-2nd (H) Hailyn Park, 14'-3"; 4th (H) Jaide Herrera, 13'-5"; 7th (H) Hannah Graham,

                                  12'-3"; 9th (P) Kaitlyn Rechtermann; 11th (P) Catherine Patrick.

               Triple jump-1st (H) Hannah Graham, 30'-9"; 6th (H) Tegan Bruce, 27'-2"; 8th (P) Kaitlyn

                                   Rechtermann, 22'-2".

               Shot put-7th (P) Shelby Copeland, 27'-9.5"; 13th (H) Veronica Black; 14th (P) Sierra Dye;

                              15th (H) Raychael Wilson; 18th (H) Ali Trosper; 22nd (P) Megan Latimer.

               Discus throw-7th (H) Graycen Prothero, 79'-10"; 9th (H) Bayley Pickering; 11th (P) Shelby

                                      Copeland; 14th (P) Sommer Gurwell; 15th (H) Ali Trosper; 22nd (P) Megan


               Javelin throw-3rd (H) Jacey Cook, 76'-3"; 5th (P) Sierra Dye, 70'-5"; 8th (P) Megan Latimer, 

                                       61'-7"; 10th (P) Sommer Gurwell; 12th (H) Graycen Prothero.

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