Hamilton Hornets win close game with Lawson Cardinals

Game of the week?  Game of a life time?  Either way, it was a nail bitter clear up to the very end.  The stands were packed by both teams and depending on who had the ball it was deafening. 
The Lawson Cardinals came out in full force.  Both teams met in the middle of the field with their respective captains, and the Cardinals won the toss but deferred to the Hornets, which they opted to receive the ball from the kick off. 
GAME ON!  On paper and on the field this game was well matched and hard played.  The first score went to the Cardinals where they scored a touchdown with the extra point good making the score 7 to zero.
The Hornets came back and scored thanks to Brock Swindler with a 2-yard run.  His extra point afterwards was no good,  leaving the Hornets trailing 6 to 7.  First time this season that they have been in this position.
The Cardinals didn’t let that stay for long.  Their offense seemed to march over the Hornet defense and they scored again.  The score at the end of the first quarter is 14 to 6 with the Cardinals in the lead.
The crowd from Lawson is getting louder you can only imagine. The second quarter starts and the Cardinals just keep working the home team over.  They score again with an 18-yard pass with the extra point no good.  The score at this point is 20 to 6 Cardinal’s favor.  The crowd was going wild for both teams.  
Hornets couldn’t score on their next possession of the ball and punted it, giving the Cardinals decedent field possession.
The Cardinals took the ball and scored once again.  At the half the score was 26 to 6, with Cardinals leading.
The half time show began with the presentation of the seniors of fall, leading off with the boys of football, Ladies of Softball, Ladies of Golf, Ladies of Color Guard, Ladies of Volleyball, Ladies of Cheer, and Ladies of Dance with their parents.  Before the game, the Cheerleaders performed with the future cheerleaders of Hamilton from grades pre-K to 6.  The girls did a great job!
Third quarter starts off with a score from Derek Dixon.  He ran a 7-yard pass from Jaran Richman in which he scores a touchdown.  Swindlers extra point is no good.  The score is 12 to 26.  The Lawson crowd has quieted down.  This is the only score for the third quarter.
Here comes the fourth quarter.  You had better hold on tight because this is where the rollercoaster ride went to hyper drive.
LaTroy Harper caught a 5-yard pass from Richman for the touchdown with TC East running the 2-point conversion in.  The score is 20 to 26.  “We are still in this game,” Coach Obert said to the boys on the side line.
Cardinals came back with a 15-yard run for the touchdown making the score 33 to 20.  You heard the Lawson crowd saying, its over we have this one in the bank.
Next possession, Quinn Brown ran a 5-yard pass from Richmond making it all the way to the end zone and good for the touchdown.  The two-point conversion attempt was no good.  The score is now 26 to 33.
Cardinals have the ball and do not score.  There is less than 4 minutes left in the game and the Hornets have the ball. They work their way down the field. The crowd is on their feet, cheering the boys on.  They’re in the red zone, clock is ticking, one try, they didn’t get in, second try, no luck, third try, TOUCHDOWN! It’s 32 to 33.  What are they going to do?  Tie the game or go for two?  The Hornets go for the win; they go for two!  They’re in!  34-33 Hornets lead!
The Hornet’s kick off to the Cardinals; there was a penalty so Hornets re-kick, Cardinals receive and run it back into Hornet territory.  One pass and it’s a touchdown for the Cardinals and they win.  It’s a pass like it has been all night to the right side where out of the blue Harper comes and incepts the ball. He runs a few yards and kneels.  The sideline and fans go wild.  The Hornets take the field and with less than 30 seconds get off the last play off the night and take a knee.
The Hornets win the game 34 to 33 coming from 6 to 26 at half time. 

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