Hornets Place 3rd at Lathrop Quad

After participating in the Chillicothe Time Trials on Tuesday, Rick Ross's Hamilton Hornet track teams traveled to Lathrop on Thursday for a quad meet which included Lawson, Plattsburg, and the host school. Both the men and the women placed 3rd. Following is a list of PHS participates and where they placed.

Men: High Jump-2nd, Brock Swindler, 5'-08"; 4th, Connor Kavanaugh, 5'-02".

          Long Jump-2nd, Brock Swindler, 19'-9.25"; 6th, Justin Knudsen; 9th, Connor Kavanaugh.

          Triple Jump-2nd, Brock Swindler, 43'-02"; 6th, Connor Kavanaugh.

          Discus Throw-5th, Kenneth Pulley, 104'-06".

          Javelin Throw-6th, Joshua Hart; 10th, Jaran Richman; 13th, Payton Logston; 15th, Kenneth Pulley.

         Shot Put-8th, Joshua Hart; 13th, Kenneth Pulley; 20th, Jacob Boyle.

         4 x 800m Relay-3rd, Payton Logston, Michael Roberts, Cody Dotson, Zachary Boyle, 10:32.91.

         100m Dash-3rd, Derek Dixon, 12.76; 6th, Justin Knudsen; 10th, Derek Aikin; 12th, Landon 

                              Huff; 14th, Kyle Galbraith; 15th, Jared Galbraith; 16th, Connor Kavanaugh.              

         4 x 200m Relay-1st, Edward Black, Derek Aikin, Justin Knudsen, Landon Huff, 1:44.49.

         1600m Run-1st, Derek Dixon, 5:02.98; 6th, Cody Dotson; 9th, Payton Logston; 10th, Nicholas


         4 x 100m Relay-2nd, Justin Knudsen, Edward Black, Derek Aikin, Landon Huff, 49.32.

         400m Dash-1st, Derek Dixon, 55.06; 2nd, Jaran Richman, 57.03; 4th, Elijah Harper, 59.76; 7th,

                               Michael Roberts; 10th, Jared Galbraith.

         300m Hurdles-1st, Brock Swindler, 42.51.

         800m Run-5th, Lee Raymond, 2:34.47; 6th, Nicholas Hoak.

         200m Dash-6th, Jaran Richman; 9th, Derek Aikin; 12th, Elijah Harper; 14th, Jared Galbraith; 15th,

                               Kyle Galbraith.

         3200m Run-2nd, Zachary Boyle, 12:21.91; 7th, Cameron Crawford; 8th, Dominic Cole.

         4 x 400m Relay-5th, Lee Raymond, Landon Huff, Kyle Galbraith, Elijah Harper, 4:14.99.

Women: High Jump-3rd, Tegan Bruce, 4'-04"; 5th, Jacey Cook, 4'-04".

         Long Jump: 3rd, Hailyn Park, 13'-11.50"; 11th, Jaide Herrera; 12th, Tegan Bruce.

         Triple Jump-1st, Hannah Graham, 29'-08".

         Discus Throw-5th, Graycen Prothero, 68'-11"; 8th, Bayley Pickering; 10th, Ali Trosper; 19th,

                                  Veronica Black; 21st, Hannah Earnheart; 23rd, Katelyn Galbraith.

         Javelin Throw-7th, Jacey Cook; 8th, Graycen Prothero.

         Shot Put-4th, Raycheal Wilson, 25'-07"; 7th, Veronica Black; 11th, Graycen Prothero; 15th, 

                                  Katelyn Galbraith; 17th, Ali Trosper; 19th, Hannah Earnheart.

         4 x 800m Relay-1st, Hannah Graham, Hailyn Park, Laney Park, Nora Ford, 11:11.94.

         100m Dash-8th, McKauley Prothero; 19th, Jaide Herrera; 21st, Veronica Black; 23rd, Tegan 

                                  Bruce; 27th, Alexis Potts; 31st, Bayley Pickering; 32nd, Gwen Ragle.

         100m Hurdles-4th, Jacey Cook, 18.73.

         4 x 200m Relay-2nd, Tegan Bruce, Alexis Potts, Jaide Herrera, McKauley Prothero, 2:05.07.

         1600m Run-2nd, Alexys Marshall, 6:42.56; 9th, Katherine Hensley.

         4 x 100m Relay-2nd, Jaide Herrera, Alexis Potts, Graycen Prothero, McKauley Prothero, 57.08.

         400m Dash-6th, Nora Ford; 7th, Hannah Graham.

         300m Hurdles-1st, Hailyn Park, 54.98; 6th, Caitlin Hoak.

         800m Run-1st, Jacey Cook, 2:49.22; 5th, Alexys Marshall, 3:06.21; 7th, Katherine Hensley.

         200m Dash-25th, Gwen Ragle; 26th, Caitlin Hoak.

         4 x 400m Relay-1st, Hannah Graham, Laney Park, Hailyn Park, Nora Ford, 4:38.24.   

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